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heh, whoops

So yeah. I totally planned to not have anything to add today. And I don't. But I didn't plan on completely not updating today. Oops.

I tried to set up to record episode 6 today. We got 2/3 of the party, but it wouldn't have mattered because I woke up feeling like crap.

So just a quick recap of what's gonna happen over the next stretch.

Tomorrow morning is graduation for me. Woot.
On Thursday or so, I'm leaving for Philly to meet up with my best friend.
On Saturday, I'm going with said best friend to Mexico for a week.
I'll be back a week from then.

I have not decided yet, but I may NOT be bringing my laptop to Mexico with me. I know, the main reason to HAVE a laptop is the ease of use, but A:I'd mostly be bringing it for the plane(and I might even get sick from that, I'm not sure) and B: while there is likely to BE internet access at the hotel, I know I'd probably spend way too much time in front of this thing. And plus, the odds of me leaving my laptop in Mexico increase exponentially if I bring said laptop to Mexico. Now, like I said, have yet to decide, but we'll see. Regardless, I'm trying to plan the recording of Episode 6 this week, and I will definitely be editing and publishing Episode 5. What will likely happen is I will get Brian to upload Episode 5 at his convenience during the weekend if I decide to not bring my laptop. But again, now that summer's here, the recording schedule is going to be killer. People will have jobs, vacations and parents to deal with, making the recordings much harder to schedule. Thus, the rate at which shows appear will sadly go down. But, these things happen, and one way or another I'll find ways to get content out there. Even if its just a sound clip of me.

So, thats whats going on in my life for the next little while. I think I already mentioned that Eric and I are working on something new. No, its not just another special episode, but something that we hope would improve the overall level of Button Mashers. Don't wanna say too much about that just yet, but keep your eyes and ears open.

See you all soon, and for those of you traveling this summer, safe trip and enjoy.



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